Your product must not be tilted? TIP-N-TELL® provides monitoring during the transport route.

  • activation from 60° inclination
  • easy handling
  • visible monitoring

„ Our sensitive tilt spy uncovers transport violations at a low cost. Easily ensure that your product is transported and stored upright according to your requirements... ”

Florian Meier Packaging Consultant


tilt axis


above 60°

trigger value


can be activated

when attaching


triggering from approx. 60° inclination
display: tilt direction roughly assessable
display: tilt angle roughly assessable
tolerance - no data -
operation blue granulate / adhesive surface
can be activated? YES with attachment
how often usable? once
security tamper-proof
mounting location on package outside on package
mounting type self-adhesive
operating range - no data -
shelf life - no data -
dimensions 100 x 70 x 3 mm
PU 100 pieces / carton


At an inclination of more than 60°, blue quartz sand flows into the display field and visibly sticks there. Transport violations are immediately visible and verifiable beyond doubt. Our TIP-N-TELL® has a self-adhesive back for attaching to the packaging. However, it is also possible to screw it on.

Matthias Mandel Sales Manager


immediate display

potential damage is instantly indicated by shockwatch® label and logged at destination

up to 50% less transport damage

reduce the occurrence of transport damage in many cases by more than 50%.

avert damage claims

possible damage claims can be reduced or avoided.

easier claims settlement

damage settlement takes place mainly between the carrier and the recipient.

Increase the trust of your customers

customer satisfaction improves as it is ensured that the goods arrive intact.


TIP-N-TELL® is attached to the outside of the package in a vertical position. The tilt indicator is self-adhesive and can be additionally fixed with staples or screws.

It is activated by removing the metal fuse with a pair of pliers.

The measurement is single-axis. To monitor 2 tilt axes, 2 pieces of TIP-N-TELL®  must be mounted offset by 90°.

The freight process in 5 steps

How to integrate TIP-N-TELL® into your shipping concept


Shipper attaches the TIP-N-TELL® indicator
and warning sticker on the packaging


Carrier acknowledges integrity of the indicator
on receipt of the goods


The receiver's warehouse
checks the indicator on delivery.


Carrier must confirm a triggered or
missing indicator on delivery and does not receive a clean receipt


After a thorough inspection of the product
a release or transport damage claim is issued


Be sure to share the following information with your clients:

RECEIVER: Immediate inspection
of TIP-N-TELL® !

Please immediately inspect upon receipt TIP-N-TELL® and the incoming goods for damage!

If the indicator is activated (triggered):
Accept the goods anyway.

RECEIVER: record status

Note the colour change of the TIP-N-TELL® in the delivery papers and have the carrier confirm it on the shipping document. This is the only way you can report damage to the carrier.

If you notice damage to the goods, leave them in the original packaging and ask for immediate inspection by the carrier.

RECEIVER: ensure compensation claims against third parties!

Road transport:
signed confirmation by the driver or carrier on the original waybill with company details and lorry registration number.
Rail transport:
recording & confirmation of facts with deutsche bahn ag


Quantity: 100 pieces / carton and each TIP-N-TELL® unit consists of...


one sensor

warning label

a large 3-language warning sticker for extra attention
(attached to the outside of the package)

Sticker for freight documents

small sticker to be used on the shipping documents

Always here for you.

+49 (0)9101 99 420







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